Lockdown 2020 Scrapbook

July 18, 2020  •  2 Comments

Lockdown 2020

I decided to do a scrapbook as I thought I just know my future grandchildren will need to study this in history. When the time comes I will hand them this. For now here is a preview of our time. Much of the is very personal, as we have pretty much been in our own bubble I've covered things that stuck out to me. I have not displayed all the pages out of respect for some details are private. As you will later discover, I've interviewed a nurse a policeman, my children, friends and family from all over the world. It strikes me that this is a time were the world has had so much in common and we battle this beast together. It's far from finished! You may notice I haven't even stuck everything in!  The Blessing song took on such a power and it is still holding ground all over the world. 

A page was set up on facebook where by people displayed a view from their window. I just loved this idea, So asked a few friends to pitch in for me too. I screen grabbed a few from Fb, just to show the contrast. Yes, we are all in this together, but some have had very different circumstances to live in.  These are just a snippet from those very examples. 


Here are some epic pics these girls shared with me. I used to teach them street dance umpteen years ago! 


I asked a few questions to some friends near and far, ranging from UK, Spain, India, Italy and Australia. obviously some of this info is too personal to share on here. But here are some of their pics they shared with me.. There are more to come too! 

The only way to work out in Italy!


Thank you sooo much for all those who responded. It was so fascinating reading your varied accounts of lockdown.

 Lucy dance classes with Emma from Jazz Dance fusion via Zoom have been an absolute life saver!

Obviously I didn't take the above photo but I've just stuck that in to the book! Captain Tom being knighted by our treasured and beautiful Queen at Windsor Palace.

Family zoom time!

Can you guess the films Rach is reenacting?

First Coffee @coffeesmiths! I dunno about you but my heart has def grow for small local business owners during this mad season!

I am extremely grateful to Kirsty for lending me various craft materials, to Sallianne for the timeline info and generally keeping up with the news. A big THANK YOU to my friends and family who gave me their version of events, so varied and so fascinating. It isn't over yet, nor is my scrapbook. 

Til Next time!




Anthony Bales(non-registered)
Thank you dear Katie this is a wonderful and fascinating record of the Covid 19 pandemic so far. The full impacts of the virus have yet to be felt by survivors and they will reverbe6for decades to come. These accounts of individual experience are valuable and who knows how many people will read them and learn from them in the end. Well done on your initiative and achievement.
Hubert t Humphrey Iv(non-registered)
beautiful idea, beautifully executed, kT. well done!
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