He has Risen!

April 11, 2020  •  1 Comment

Happy Easter!


This morning I felt stirred to share a little about why I love Easter so much. My 12 year old daughter thinks I get far too carried away. But she's 12 and way too cool for me!

Easter is probably my favourite time of year. We, as Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible essentially says God sent Jesus his only son to live as a human on earth to later be put to death by crucifixion.


God wanted to have relationship with us again. We always have a choice in this. He came to show it is relationship over religion. In fact, if you look at who Jesus hung out with; (mainly people who lived without hope, they lived for money or themselves, they were often sick and alone). I also look at how he handled the most religious and dare I say it pompous people . He was often trying to show them a very different God to the one they served. A loving God, a Father, yikes, I used the word Father. I know that word can conjure up all sorts of images, that ultimately don't reflect who our Heavenly Father is. We pray the Lords prayer and we start by saying 'Our Father' Our Father, not just for the religious people, not just for the people who are sick and desperate. He wants us all to find belonging and a security that only resides in him. I know him to be good, to be a provider, to bring me purpose and a hope. I know him to never leave me in times of trouble. I want to encourage you, if you don't have the faintest idea what I'm talking about, grab a bible. Open it in Mark. This is the book where you will see how Jesus lived, and how he reflects who our Heavenly Father really is. 

He died a horrific death in front of his friends and his family. Despite the fact he had committed no crime. 

Eggs are a symbol to remember the stone that was rolled away from the tomb. Also because of new life. Very apt today, as we saw a few lambs that must've been born minutes before we arrived! 

Jesus came to bring life in all it's fullness. Not just some vague hope, somewhere over the rainbow. Right here, right now. Just a side note when the dove returned to Noah's boat there was a rainbow. Which is a sign of God's promises being true. 

If this Easter you are wondering what it's all about and you want to know more. Alpha will be going ahead via zoom. Alpha is a course for people just like you who want to discover more about the Christian faith. There is a film series on youtube, which is excellent. 

I pray this Easter you will know Jesus drawing close. 

Til Next Time

With love






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Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful words, Katie.
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