Homeschooling - What?!?!?!

March 31, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

 I am currently writing this listening to radio 4's Woman's hour. The subject is homeschooling. A subject I really had no idea what it entailed, and I'm sure the parents that are masters of this subject are doing it totally differently to me!

Currently all three children are miraculously getting on with their school work - at home. This is not the normal picture of the past week. There have been moments of sheer desperation on mine, and the childrens parts. However, I wanted to share some joyful moments of the past week with you. But, please bear in mind these are snapshots of the good moments and when you look at them do not think for one moment that I am Mary Poppins incarnate and its all peachey in the Gamble household. 

There will be generally lots more pics of my daughters over my son, as you can imagine and probably tell they like to pose for the camera, where as he certainly does not. He does let me take the occasional shot tho! 

Writing to Jordan Matter obviously!

Home work on an ipod is interesting, but thankful we have wifi and connection to the outside world! 

Lucy's reading dance challenge from Jazz dance Fusion. Also a great way to stay connected. 

Cooking with them is also much easier as we're not racing around between clubs after school. I really love cooking with them too! Pinch of Nom
such a fabulous gift from them to me for mother's day! 

Rachel's chickpea creation! Yum!

Keeping in touch via Zoom has been a lifesaver too, oh how we all miss our friends!

Peekaboo! I got him! He is a smart boy isn't he!?!

More dance challenges!

Without daily exercise I think we would all go stir crazy!

These walking boots were purchased in the sales for a trip we had planned to see friends in Wales. I think we are all dealing with disappointment in one way or another. Hope is louder and pulling together to find beauty and fun in the simple things is so important right now. 

One of my fave shots I think i will blow this up!

Having some fun with light and blanket photography! Taken by my little Lucy aged 9. 

I am going to be documenting this time as it'll keep me sane. 

Til next time!

Stay home, keep active and share the love! 





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